Sunday, December 27, 2009

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NFC divisions
• North: Vikings (11-3): Clinched division, need one win for first-round bye. Next: at Chicago (Monday night), vs. Giants.

• South: Saints (13-2): Clinched division and first-round bye, and need a win for home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. Next: at Panthers.

• East: Eagles (11-4) or Cowboys (9-5): Showdown next week at Dallas for division title.

• West: Cardinals (10-5): Clinched division and wild-card home game. They're stronger than last year's Super Bowl team. Next: vs. Packers.

NFC wild card

• Eagles (11-4): Clinched at least a wild card. Next: at Cowboys.

• Packers (10-5): Sunday's 48-10 victory over Seattle clinched a wild card. There won't be any Lambeau Field mystique, though. They'll be on the road for the postseason.

• Cowboys: (10-5): The eyes of Texas were focused on Washington on Sunday night -- where the Cowboys clinched at least a wild card by beating the Redskins.

• Giants (8-7): The slide from 5-0 was particularly painful for the champs of two years ago.

AFC divisions

• South: Colts (14-1): No longer stalking a perfect season, but already have first-round bye and home-field advantage throughout AFC playoffs. Next: at Buffalo.

• West: Chargers (12-3): With a 10-game winning streak, only the Colts were hotter. A first-round bye means a likely showdown at Indy in AFC Championship on Jan. 24. Next: vs. Washington.

• East: Patriots (10-5): Clinched playoff spot, and their 8-0 home record bodes well in a first-round home game. Next: at Houston.

• North: Bengals (10-5): They're struggling to the finish, but clinched a playoff spot Their passing game has been mysteriously absent. Next: at N.Y. Jets.

AFC wild card

• Jets (8-7): Beating the Colts when Peyton Manning rested for most of the game let them back in the race -- a win and they're in. Next: vs. Bengals.

• Ravens (8-7): Penalties and a dropped TD pass cost them a victory at Pittsburgh, but they're in the playoffs with a win next week. Next: at Raiders.

• Broncos (8-7): A skid from their 6-0 start means they aren't going anywhere if they make the playoffs, but the finale in Kansas City should be an easy victory. Loss to Pittsburgh hurts in the tiebreaker. Next: at Chiefs.

• Steelers (8-7): The defending champs squeaked past the Ravens -- with help from the Ravens -- and have a tiebreaker edge for beating the Ravens and Broncos. Next: at Dolphins.

• Texans (8-7): Tiebreaker aside, a lot depends on how the Patriots play a meaningless last game. Next: vs. Patriots.

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