Monday, December 12, 2011

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Some Indiana Homeowners in Indiana Downtown are thinking to cash in some money by allowing super bowl 46 visitors to rent their house. According to reports of the organizing team, there will be an expected 100,000 visitors during the game. Based on the number of visitors there will be huge demand of house for rent during the event.

House for Rent in Indiana - Superbowl 46

Reports also says that homeowners are thinking to have their rented at $1,000 per night. Of course the rental fee will be different depending on the type of house do they have.

So to Super Bowl 46 spectators and visitors to Indiana, you better be ready with renting a temporary hotel just in case the hotels are filled up during the game.

We know that during the super bowl it is almost a week presentation since there are other event that is connected to super bowl will be seen in Indiana.

So expect to have House Rental fee in Indiana during super bowl 2012 of $1,000+ per night.

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