Tuesday, January 24, 2012

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To those who want to go the Lucas Oild Stadium, the venue of the 2012 Superbowl, below is the schedule of Tours that will be made in 12 days prior to the game.

The stadium, which normally seats 63,000, will seat an increased capacity of approximately 70,000 for the 2012 Super Bowl. From the Indiana Convention Center, there is a climate-controlled walkway leading to Lucas Oil Stadium.

Super Bowl Stadium Tours

Tours will run for 12 days from 8 am- 7 pm on the dates listed below. Tickets will be available at the LOS Box office, NFL Experience Box Office and Ticketmaster. Purchase Tickets.

  • Mon., Jan. 23 - Mon., Jan. 30
  • Wed., Feb. 1 - Thurs., Feb. 2
  • Mon. Feb 6 - Tues., Feb 7

We hope that visitors will be able to enjoy the tour at the Lucas Oil Stadium.

Here are some information that we got from http://www.indianapolissuperbowl.com


Media Day

Lucas Oil Stadium will be available to the public for media day. Tickets will be available on a limited basis (pre-determined number of tickets will be sold) for $25 and available at TicketMaster and the LOS Box Office.

Quick Facts

  • Cost: Approx. $720 million
  • Escalators: 14
  • Elevators: 11
  • Luxury Suites: 137
  • Field Suites: 8, 10' from end zone
  • Locker Rooms: 7
  • Concession Stands (Permanent & Portable): 148
  • Operable Picture Window: Operational large north window (6 panels, 88' tall, total 244' wide) shows a view of downtown Indianapolis.
  • NW & SE video boards: 37' x 97', 23mm pixel size
  • Ribbon Boards: 1,550 linear feet
  • Roof Opening Size: Over 176,000 sq. ft.
  • All information are copied from http://www.indianapolissuperbowl.com


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    I still have not seen any information on screen about the time for kick off in hawaii????