Sunday, January 27, 2013

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When we heard of Super Bowl, we always thinks of the fancy commercial that will be shown during the game, A commercial that cost millions of dollars just to be shown in 2 to 3 minutes during the game. A which is being watch by millions of Americans all over USA and other part of the world. Here is the list of commercial that we will be seen in action during the super bowl 47.

ANHEUSER-BUSCH (AKA InBev) - A-B bought four and a half minutes of ad space — including the first commercial that will be seen in the entire game.

AUDI - Audi says that the Venables, Bell and Partners is about a boy who "embarks on one of the most pivotal moments of his adolescence: prom night."

Axe (Unilever) - "Lifeguard" that touts its newest — and strangest — endeavor: Axe is sending 22 regular people into outer space.

BEST BUY Amy Poehler is starring in the 30-second spot

CARS.COM - McGarryBowen will take the lead on the commercial.

Century 21 - the Red Tettemer and Partners' created spot will be "telling the story of the brand’s greatest asset, our agents!"





GILDAN - DeVito/Verdi is making the 30-second, third quarter spot.
A trailer called "Getaway" (below) stars a lipstick smeared dude who wakes up wearing furry leopard handcuffs in a strange, pink feather boa filled room.



FORD LINCOLN - Lincoln bought its first-ever Super Bowl spot this year and created its very own WPP agency(called HudsonRouge) to go along with it. The 60-second spot has been teased as "very social."; So social, in fact, that the car company is asking fans to write the script of the spot via Twitter.


MERCEDES-BENZ - The luxury car brand is returning to the Super Bowl with an ad starring Kate Upton and Usher

MILK/MilkPEP - Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP)



PARAMOUNT - The movie studio will play a 30-second "Star Trek Into Darkness" trailer at the big game.

PEPSI - Pepsi will unveil new commercials for its main soda and Pepsi Max




SODASTREAM - The original spot, created by Common and ad legend Alex Bogusky (who notoriously hates Coca Cola), will be revamped for a 30-second Super Bowl spot in the fourth quarter, alongside its Coke and Pepsi competitors. According to Ad Age, however, "the agency and Mr. Bogusky are not involved in reworking it."



Time Warner -Time Warner Cable is using indie favorite "The Walking Dead" cast members and zombies fo its 2013 Super Bowl spot.

TOYOTA - Saatchi & Saatchi is making Toyota's 60-second spot starring "Big Bang Theory" star Kaley Cuoco.




WONDERFUL PISTACHIOS – Korean pop sensation Psy's will be featured on this commercial.

We will update this list as well as their link to their commercials that will be available in the internet so watch out for this update.


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